10 Components of a Powerful Squeeze Page

Let’s look at what squeeze pages do.   A squeeze page is a web page designed to do one thing and one thing only – to persuade your visitors to opt in to your mailing list so that you obtain their permission to send them additional messages and communication .

List building is critical to all online businesses and a squeeze page is one of the best tools you can use to quickly convert visitors into subscribers .

Some squeeze pages convert visitors to subscribers at a rate of 30 to 50% but a really good squeeze page might have a conversion rate of 65%   or even higher . The conversion rate will not depend entirely upon the squeeze page’s design   – it will also be dependent upon the quality of the visitors landing on the squeeze page   – but you can do plenty with the design to increase the conversion rate .

Here are the key components of a good squeeze page.

1. A Headline that Stops Visitors in their Tracks

Right at the top of the page you need a bold attention grabbing headline .

2. Promise to Deliver Something of Value

Your heading or subheading should promise to deliver something valuable that your visitors would want . If they believe that you will deliver the value you promised , and if they really want it , then they will opt-in to your list . It’s as simple as that.

3. Provide a Gift

Providing a free gift such as a free report or ebook is among the most effective  list building techniques. If you don’t have an e-book or report to give away , write one. It doesn’t have to be 100 pages. Many e-books offered like this are just 20-30 pages.

4. Create Urgency

Provide a sense of urgency.   Use words like “Today”, “Now” or “Immediately”. Mention that the first 50 subscribers will receive a secret bonus.

5. Don’t Ask for Too Much

Don’t ask for too much information in your squeeze form . All you need to obtain at this early stage is your visitor’s name and email . If you try to get too much information immediately you will turn off some subscribers and your conversion rate will fall. You can ask your subscribers for more information later. Don’t forget the purpose of your squeeze page is just to get them in the door.

6. Keep It Short & Simple

A squeeze page should not be long like some of the lengthy sales pages you see – you don’t need to be give twenty reasons why they should buy something from you. Your squeeze page must be straight , in effect, “Here’s what I’ll give you… and here’s what you need to do to get it.”

7. Don’t Have Any External Links

You shouldn’t include any external links or advertisements on your squeeze page. That means no links to your other sales pages, no links to other web sites or affiliate products, and definitely no Adsense ads . You need to remove all other options that might distract your visitor. Now they have a simple choice, to opt-in or walk away.

8. Use Attractive Graphics

If you use a nice design on your squeeze page it will come across as being more professional and your conversion rate should rise because people will perceive you to be more professional and trustworthy.

9. Make it Personal

Consider adding your photo, and your name or signature for that personal touch. You probably shouldn’t use your real signature – instead display your name in a font such as Brushscript.

10. Link to Your Privacy Policy

Do you keep your subscribers’ privacy? If so, tell them! It is a smart idea that you show this information close to the submit button.

Those are 10 components of powerful squeeze pages. Try implementing them today.

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