3 Common Link Building Mishaps

All search-engine-optimization methods use link building to establish a site as an authority. Anyone who is familiar with getting a site to rank high knows that backlinks are the main contributor to getting higher rankings than your competitors and sustaining your position. What’s the use of all this? The easy answer is that you will profit from the increase of traffic. Google places a lot of weight on backlinks to determine where it is going to place a site in the search engine results after a search is done; so, naturally many webmasters have turned their attention to link building. However, many people, especially, new ones, do not understand how to build backlinks the right way. To start off, you should always keep it in your mind that all backlinks aren’t good.

Some backlinks can get your site penalized. The most important rule of SEO link building is to keep it natural. Unnatural link building registers to the search engines as you trying to game the system, and your site will lose out every time you conduct link building in such a fashion. When you give the search engines what they are looking for then you will outdo the competition every time. Doing the whole process manually can become a headache and tricky at times. The majority of people don’t treat link building seriously and add their url’s too as many sites as possible without considering the consequences or relevancy to their own site. This will guarantee failure everytime.

This article discusses some of the deadly link building mistakes that you need to run from. Let’s use an example niche: the brother hl-2170w review niche.

An easy way to throw away your time is to find a relevant site and then use anchor text that has nothing to do with your keywords. The high PR of a site along with good content will definitely give you a good backlink, but when the anchor text is something like “Buy Now!” or “Learn More!” – it’s of no use at all. From now on, you know to use anchor text in a way that includes your keywords in the backlink that people will be clicking on to get to your site. So if a backlink doesn’t utilize the anchor text, it loses its value. It’s a known fact that a backlink holds more value if it is coming from a page that doesn’t have hundreds of other links plastered on it. At all costs avoid the pages you come across that has 200 or 300 links on a single page. But some directories that will assign “no-follow” tags to every link; it still applies and the search engines won’t count them.

Be careful of the outbound links that you place on your site; a site with a bad reputation can hurt your own. Some good sites turn bad and might start participating in activities that are frowned upon by the search engines. Make it a habit to inspect any site that has a link on one of your pages.

Any mistakes you make with link building can cause real problems for your website that can take months to remedy. If you follow these tips, you should be able to avoid most of the more common link building errors.

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