A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Ask any experienced marketer – email marketing is a proven and solid approach to make a full-time income on the internet.

Easy and simple: you regularly email people who have signed-up to hear what you have to say. So, your emails will discuss relevant topics, and then you introduce a product you believe will help them – and you put it in front of them. This is a powerful marketing method, and with anything of this nature you can bet there’s much more operating beneath the surface. You know, making sales from people usually requires a great deal of work and time. Your business possibilities can change incredibly once you’ve done the tough, initial work and your own business processes are in place and working.

Here is how to find success with e-mail marketing.

Listing too many sales offers in one e-mail will cripple your sales instead of increasing them. Too many sales pitches will leave your subscribers with a very long and non-targeted message that they won’t be able to act upon because their attention will be divided between the different sales messages. Sticking to one product or offer per e-mail message will save you time and allow you to more effectively sell things. One sales message will have your reader’s attention focuses on only one problem and solution and as soon as you introduced a second offer you have lost your customers focus. For best results only pitch one product.You need to discover more about the people on your e-mail list before trying to sell them anything. As you most likely did some research prior to entering the niche you are in, you probably know a little something about your prospects, especially since you needed to find things to sell to them. Always get straight to the subject of what you want to talk about in the email to your customer Essential to gaining trust in your emails is to only send your customers to one product, one page.  If you today’s email talks about online video game rentals, don’t trick them and send them to some other website that talks nothing about this subject.

Avoid hurrying when writing your emails. You’ll always want to make your email copy engaging, informative, fun – maybe, and when the time is right to click through to your offers. Write with originality, in your unique voice, and avoid sounding like everyone else or that it’s a copy/paste job.

Don’t worry about revealing yourself to them! Remember, you don’t want to sound like every other e-mail marketer out there. People are more likely to delete e-mails that sound generic.

After your final edit, please make sure your emails are error-free otherwise it just makes you look bad. Always be sure you don’t have mistakes involving typos, spelling, grammar, etc. If you’re a bit “not too good” in these departments, first – avoid despair, secondly – get help any way you can. These kinds of mistakes make people think you’re not all together, and it will hurt your image. People tend to think all kinds of things like you don’t know what you’re doing, etc. So just make sure your emails do not have mistakes.

Email marketing is an art form. Quite a few IM marketers drop the ball with their emails, and that is why you see a lot of poorly written and thoughtless emails. Seems many of them think all they need to do is say, “Hello,” and then say, “Buy this now.” It really is necessary to learn about email marketing because there are many elements that contribute to a successful campaign. Persist, and you’ll get better.

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