A Great Positioning Statement is the Basis for Promoting the Best Home Businesses

The Statement

The start of your strategic marketing planning should be a positioning statement.

If you are in business, the positioning statement is one of the first things you should do to define who your customer is.


Create your statement

The customer is commonly referred to in marketing as the “target market”.

Marketing, of course, is the term used for finding and making potential customers aware that you exist and compel those customers to purchase whatever your product is.

The statement to define your marketing position defines your product and includes the promise your product delivers, who your target market is, and what makes your product unique from other similar products.

In Short

When all is said and done, your statement should be believable and truthful, it should define how your product is different, and should make the product stick in your customer’s mind.

The statement should also be short, two sentences should be all the longer it is.

Important to Note

This tool, the positioning statement that you develop, is for your use to develop marketing ideas and messages to your customer. The positioning statement itself is not the advertisement.

We can only guess at what other businesses use for their positioning statement, but for your business, ask your self the following questions, then craft the answers into a short positioning statement, which if done right, provides a powerful message for you to start creating messages to your customers.

Questions to Ask

Ask the hard questions

Who would most benefit from your product?
What emotion triggers the need in your target customer?
What is your product?
What category of market is your product in?
What is the principle need for the customer to purchase your product?
Who or what is the competition?
What is so unique about your product?


What Next?

Once you’ve finished with your positioning statement, you can move on to ways to use this statement to start reaching your customers.

Reel 'em in, but only after...

Before you move on

One hint before you start composing advertising messages. Most companies have no trouble identifying their features. More important to your customers are the benefits that your product provides.

There seems to be a fine line between the two, but in the customer’s mind, this difference can make the difference between your target market becoming interested enough in your product to try it, or to just forget about your product and company and move on to another option.


More on features vs benefits in the next post.  In the meantime, hone that positioning statement and start brainstorming on what the benefits of your product are.

More on benefit brainstorming in the next post...


  1. I think the most important point in this article is the ‘it should define how your product is different’. The importance of this step cannot be overemphasised, and it needs to be made clear in your own head, even before trying to communicate it to your audience. Then make sure you tell people exactly what the difference is.

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