About That Iceberg, People and Business Are Like That

Someone walks into your office with way too much perfume or cologne.

What do you do?

  1. Plug your nose and walk as far away from the person as you can get?
  2. Say, wow, I smelled your perfume/cologne five minutes before you got here?
  3. In an unobtrusive way, either open the windows or spray a little Febreze around the room?

Life is all about choices.

When choosing which will work best in your best home businesses which would you do?

  1. Open a storefront business, deal with inventory and employees every day?
  2. Work at home in a service business and work by the hour?
  3. Work at home but online with no inventory, no employees, and opt for a parent company that has lots of making money ideas , uses direct sales marketing and has a dual compensation plan for your work at home, and trains you with something besides their product literature?


Number one costs a whole lot of money to really do it right. Go talk to your banker and be prepared to do a whole lot of paperwork. Be in debt for at least ten years. Unless you are a marketing genius, and you just might be, no offense intended.

Number two, you might as well go back to work for someone else.

Number three is better, but be sure to look for a company that utilizes those sales and compensation plans and the training mentioned. And look for notarized affidavits from the winners. And be prepared to be able to work in your pj’s, reclined back in your favorite easy chair.

Really. You don’t think I’m sitting at a desk all day, do you? And, sitting here in my recliner, I’m also following some making money ideas and doing some financial retirement planning.

Going it alone out there in your own business without guidance or a working knowledge of and a college degree in marketing is a tough way to go, not good as far as small business ideas go.

Plus, a dual compensation plan gives your own business a faster start at earning income. The residual income takes the earn by the hour thing out of the picture.

About that perfume/cologne thing–Choices in how we deal with people are also crucial in life.

When you’re faced with having to criticize an associate, rely on this expert advice to not cause resentment while effectively dealing with that situation.

“Call Attention To Peoples Mistakes Indirectly”, says Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.


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