Adsense Can Make You a passive Income


To start with I just would like to say you will find loads of websites promising riches from buying their Adsense internet websites. Unless it’s a already proven site bringing in cash I would not touch it. Lots of people are offering ready made sites with content. That is huge if the it’s the right niche and the website page has been setup correctly with regard to SEO. However what lots of people fail to know is what gets your web site on the 1st page of Google. A couple of years ago I got ripped off by spending $300 on variety of websites which was supposed to make many dollars a month. Anyway you live and you learn.

Why am I sharing this with you from

To be straightforwardwhy not make more money. I’m not sharing this in order to be a charity. But I’m not worried about the competition I am creating for my self as the web is growing daily and there’s enough for all the serious marketors.

What is Adsense?

Adsense advertisements a Google adverts created by folks that want to promote an internet site or product. You’ll often see these advertisements whenever you do a Google search and they appear on the right side of your computer screen. If you were to click on these adverts it would cost the creator of the ad money. Just how much is determined by how competitive the keyword phrases he using.

This really is good news for us, Google gives us a percent if someone clicks on the ad if we host these ads on our own website. I know what your considering, just click my own and make money. No No Google will ban you. An example of this is on theis website.

Show Me The Money

Here is an opportunity to generate $500 monthly per web site you setup. That’s huge isn’t it. Knowing that it’s a matter of just duplicating what you done over and over until your happy with your monthly income. By way of example in the event you setup ten sites, you could potentially be making $60,000 per year. That may take you one day or a week based on your experience and time. It takes me one hour to research the keywords and setup a website.

In a nut shell this what you’ll need to accomplish with some special tools to make it fast and easy.

1. Find  keyword or phrases that when your Adsense is clicked on it will pay anywhere between $1.00 and $5.00 per click. It has to have more than 15,000 monthly searches and ideally less than 50,000 competing pages.

2. Find three additional related keywords or phrase related to keyword or phrase.

3. Create your internet site with 4 articles on each of the keywords, using four of each of the keys words in each article.


Article1 use search term A

Article 1 use key phraseB

Article 1 use keywordB

Article 1 use search termC

Name your websiteas close as the initial keywordas possible.

Getting your web siteon the 1st page of Google

Ok this the part where people fail.

1. Either write or have someone write an original article with your key words in it with three text links back to your website.

Spin the article to alter the content, create 10 different titles and submit to article site.

Your article will go out to lots of web site blogs. e.g. say you spin 10 articles it goes out to 100 sites. Each one of your articles has your 3 links in it. That provides up to 3000 back links. This process surely beats manually submitting to one site at a time.

The Maths in making money.

Eachof the key termsshould have at least 1000 daily searchs and since you have done your research it won’t be too competitive.

So 4x key phrases receiving a thousand daily searchs = 4000 daily searchs combined. With an adequate amount of backlinks after about 3 to four months your web site should rank on the first page of Google which gives you a 1 in 10 chance of your site being clicked on. As a result now your sites getting 400 clicks a day. From that four hundred in the region of 5% will click on your Adsense. That’s about 20 clicks x at least $1.00 = $20.00 every day from Adsense. That equates to twelve months x $20.00 =  $608.00 per month. It goes without saying these figures will change and you could possibly make less or a whole more.

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