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THIS COUPLE in my town have lived in an old run-down little cabin for about ten years now. They have a brand new but very small cabin that Karen had previously built on her property ten miles away. This was before they met.
WHEN THEY decided to live in “town” instead of at the property, Karen sold the land and they moved the cabin onto their property in town on the lot next to the old cabin.
THEY HAD studied articles on starting your own business, and decided to make the new cabin into visitor accommodations since there was a shortage of that in our town.
ALL WENT WELL for a few years, until the river that runs by the town flooded it’s banks.
AT THAT POINT the garage attached to the old cabin flooded. The couple had just renovated half of the large garage into a bedroom. Everything in the garage and bedroom was contaminated by flood waters.
KEN, WITH help from their son-in-law and grandson cleaned the whole mess up, but since the couple had been staying in the guest cabin, Karen had no desire to trade the nice surroundings for the still run-down old cabin.

KAREN LIKED working and living with nice surroundings, while Ken could work and live in total chaos and not be bothered by it. Other than that, they were perfectly suited to each other and very happy.

KAREN HAD some pretty convincing arguments on her side. She thought that they’d be more likely to begin work on the foundation if they didn’t live in the old house. She got dizzy every time she entered the house from the kitchen door. The wooden foundation was slowly collapsing, making the floors slope at a terrible angle. She had tried really hard to fix the old place up but it really needed more than paint and minor repairs.

KEN NEVER argued or protested, in fact agreeing that the old house was a mess. He just wouldn’t make a decision one way or another on staying in the guest cabin, despite Karen’s pleas.

EARLY IN their relationship, Ken had displayed a reluctance to try new experiences. Ken dragged his feet for the first year of their relationship about going on a vacation. She eventually just made the reservations and after that first trip, he couldn’t wait to travel again and again.

THIS IS HOW she knew that she had the power to change his mind, and because she had his best interest at heart in the travel issue, she knew he would eventually accept moving into the new cabin.

ONE DAY, Karen came home from the store and, on a whim, parked in the parking spot usually used by the occasional overnight guests who would stay in the nice little guest cabin.

WHEN KEN asked why she parked there, she reportedly said “This is where I’m sleeping now, you’re welcome to stay over here with me”.

THE CABIN is still not renovated, but they are working on it slowly, just like before they moved. Karen is happy because her basic need of living in nice surroundings is now being met. Ken accepted Karen’s offer to stay in the cute little guest cabin, and they both are enjoying adding personal touches to the cabin.

MAYBE KAREN isn’t an expert in the art of persuasion, but she figured out how and when to take a stand, and they’re both happy, just like she knew they would be. She knew that her husband would choose her to sleep with instead of sleeping by himself in the other house. That, to her is the equivalent of his “eager want” that this article is about.

To you, the reader: The Title of this article coincides with the lessons coined in Dale Carnegie’s timeless classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” published in 1937.

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