Break the Cycle of Relativity in Your Financial Life Planning, In Your Making Money Ideas, to Achieve Owning One of the Best Home Businesses

It’s true. The more we have, the more we want, whether it’s in making money ideas or financial retirement planning, unless we know how to break that cycle.

A few years back, my husband and I each had our own “clunker” to drive. He, a car, I, a little pick-up truck.

One day, the steering wheel came off in his hands when we were driving to town. That was just the start of our car buying.

We decided to trade the car in instead of getting it fixed. We got the nicest red truck with a bench seat for hauling grandkids around in. We just loved it. The payments were around two hundred dollars a month.

Then, one of our kids came home to live and we went from a two person household to seven overnight.

They didn’t have a car, and after juggling who got to go to town with us for grocery shopping for a few months, and listening up close and personal to the little ones loudly entertaining themselves in the back seat, we went to the car dealer to “just look around”.

Of course, we bought a “new” used vehicle, but what a deal it was. It was a eight passenger Chevy SUV. What a wonder it was. It made me feel so good, sitting up high off the highway, looking back, waay back, at the little ones in the far rear seat. Peaceful. The monthly payments on this vehicle were about three hundred a month.

Then, while my husband and I were on a trip in Canada to a Lions International Convention, we got hit head on while returning home. The wonderful deal, my dream car, was totaled. Fortunately, we all walked (limped) away without much permanent health damage.

There we were, with nothing to drive. We couldn’t find any good deals like we had with our previous two used car purchases.

In order to have something to drive, the dealership worked with us and gave us a good deal on a brand new car, albeit a much smaller car. That took some getting used to for me. I liked the big truck and the big suv.

Now our car payments were about five hundred dollars. More than our house payment.

As soon as our insurance company settled with us, we paid off the car and I swear never to have to deal with car payments again.

We again have an additional five kids and grandkids living with us, but we’re not getting a bigger car. We have wheels, it’s all we really need. We certainly don’t need any more high car payments.

The more we have the more we want.

This book demonstrates some of the findings in the new field of “behavioral economics”.

Humans make relative judgments, says Dan Ariely in his book “Predictably Irrational”.

The good news is, because of the predictability of our irrational decisions, as soon as we learn what we are doing that is irrational in our decision making, we can break these habits, he says.

You can get ahead in this life and I can help.

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