Celebrate Your Progress In that Work at Home Idea and Get on With Your Financial Life Planning & Financial Retirement Planning Goals

The process of doing all the little things needs to be celebrated, and often, says Jeff Olson in his book “The Slight Edge”.

We’ve been going over these little things for the past few weeks. If you have not read the previous articles, they are available on Diane Neill Jensen’s website in the “Achievement” section.

All those little things, if you’ve been successful at doing a few of them, are leading you in the up direction of a curve that, in time, will make the big difference in your lives.

So think about your little accomplishments each and every day, and take pride in what you’ve done. Celebrate yourself!

If you paid a compliment on a job well done to a co-worker, friend, or anyone, celebrate it. Feel good about that little thing that you’ve done.

If you got your car payment or house payment in on time this month, celebrate it. Feel good about it.

Find something to celebrate in all areas of your life, financial, professional, personal, marital, spiritual and health wise. Celebrate each one.

You can get ahead in this life and I can help.

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I hope to hear from you soon.

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