Choose the Upper Curve to Succeed With Your Making Money Ideas to Make Sure You Ultimately Have the Best Home Businesses and Get to Your Financial Retirement Planning Goal

The upper curve, the lower curve, your choice. Guess which one is the right one.

The upper curve will see you as one of the 5% who succeed if you do the little things. You will succeed with your making money ideas, which will in turn make sure you have the best home businesses, if that’s what you choose to do, and will get you to your financial retirement planning goal, if you do those little things each day to work toward that.

We are talking about Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge”, a book that can give you the edge to succeed in your life just by doing small things each and every day on whatever goals you have for your life.

Many times in my life, the lower curve has been my choice. There are just so many things to do if you have the energy. Go out with friends, goof around, party. Woo Hoo! Fun!

Fun is good, but if that’s what you live for, it’s time for a reality check.

I had my partying years, and blamed my habits on the fact that alcohol relieved my depression for a short while.

Everything changed for me with the “Decade of the Brain”, the eighties, when Prozac was the wonder pill.

I never took Prozac, but I did get into counseling, which was not an option if I used alcohol, just a thing with my counselor. Not a problem. Like I said, alcohol was my crutch until something better came along to help with my blue moods.

It took from 1990 until 2003 for the right medication to be on the market for my particular type of depression. I had never lost hope that someday I would feel “normal” and be able to feel good all day, most every day.

But, there are challenges, too, that our author talks about. Other people resist the changes you might be embracing. He likens it to gravity, and he is right. Others will try to pull you down.

The lower curve that I took, I have to take responsibility for. Sure, I could blame depression, or maybe my friends for my previous life, but I don’t. It’s part of choosing the upper curve.

Today is as good a day as any to start doing the little things to get your life going in the direction of an upper curve.

Please, get Jeff’s book and see what other details you are missing out on.

I hope you’ll read the other articles I have written and more of these videos as they are produced to learn how you can get your “…Slight Edge”.

You CAN get ahead in this life, and I can help.

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