Costly SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Driving your traffic for free has become a very important venue using search engine optimization. Many successful sites receive visitors that were directed by search engines to your site, so ensuring you have optimized your site so that the SE can find you easily is a good idea. In this article we will be discussing about a few simple SEO mistakes that you need to be aware of. Here are the most common SEO mistakes :

Many webmasters who are just beginning SEO don’t really know the value of tags, which is why they make the mistake of using images in place of their site menus and headings. It is more important for visitors to be able to find your site than to have them see alot of images that leave an impression. However, since your customers will not be sent to your site if the search engine can’t read your tag lines it’s a good idea to avoid this mistake. Text based content is read and cataloged by spiders. h1, h2 and h3 tags are more useful than images for tags. You should strive to give customers what they are looking for and this is one way to accomplish that. The reason search engines value these tags is because they’re constantly looking for elements that they think will be useful for the targeted users. This is why they focus various factors in order to rank websites. A more appealing headline can be achieved even without using images. Headlines are not the best area to put images. Yet another fatal mistake is not keeping up with your sites content or updating your optimization to meet customer demand. The initial work can be difficult but it will assist you in achieving a higher overall ranking with time. You will not achieve top rankings your first try, don’t give up. Even if you reach the top don’t stop maintaining your site it’s key to your success. Work on optimizing your site at all given times and keep a tab on your ranking and see if it’s increasing or decreasing. You must watch over competitors sites too in order to stay on top. I hope this Internet marketing training helps you to avoid these mistakes.

Don’t focus on your site description so much as the content itself. The obsoletion of meta tags is evident in the search engine ranking methods. SEO is now more about other factors such as how good is your on page optimization along with the number of incoming links it has. So concentrate more on making the content of your site relevant and keyword oriented. Literally, meta tags will do no good because that’s not how the spiders and webcrawlers work anymore. Just keep creating and updating new content on a regular basis. In order to achieve true success with SEO you need to first know how the search engines work and what they’re looking for.

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