Dare to Go Below the Tip of the Online Marketing Iceberg to Become One of the Best Home Businesses

My twenty-plus years spent business marketing face-to-face, via the telephone, or by client permitted e-mail did not prepare me for the vastness of the reachable market for entrepreneurs out there on the world-wide-web.

The idea of home business reaching potentially millions of prospects online is very tempting and the pitches from hundreds of online businesses that boast that their cream of the crop making money ideas have made millionaires with the best home businesses out of plain folk is overwhelming.

There are business techniques to learn to earn that are just below the tip of the iceberg.

The ways for home business to legitimately use video sharing sites like YouTube, social networking web sites like MySpace and Facebook, and community websites like Squidoo to make money has worked for various entrepreneurs in the past few years.

Those businesses have figured out how to comply with the rules and still attract customers to their websites.

How and what to sell that will give you the best chance to make money becomes the question.

A business, whether home business or not, can use the most popular sites to get your message out, and you can come up with your own product to sell also.

If you go it on your own, good luck, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get started marketing online. Join a company that has a proven history with its associates.

Go to websites that have entrepreneurial and home business testimonials backed up with notarized affidavits. If the company is aboveboard, it should be no problem for them to share proof of their associates success with you.

Becoming a home business or entrepreneurial associate of a company like that, and that provides extensive training, could be a good move.

Pointing the online consumer to your website so they can purchase your product is key.

That very “newness” of the many ways to reach and market to prospects challenges you to either become an expert at each and every one, or to learn from those entrepreneurs who have already studied and made money from a variety of these amazing sites.

The value of your product is just as important as the marketing of it. Remember, it takes as much time and effort to sell a ten, twenty, or one hundred dollar item as it does to sell a thousand or multiple thousand dollar product.

Find your company by paying attention to their compensation plan and the cost of their product.

Ideally, the compensation plan should contain a better dual compensation plan than others out there may provide.

Look for a company with a higher dollar product instead of the usual less than $150. product.

Just keep in mind that like any other business, in order to make money in your home business you need to make a serious commitment to time and effort to succeed.

Find a website based company that includes training in as many venues as possible, and like mine, has financial retirement planning and a product that is worthy of spending a couple thousand dollars on and you may eventually be able to write a testimonial to publish of your own entrepreneurial success someday.

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