Develop Your Personal Philosophy to Become Successful at Whatever You Want, Be it Work at Home Typing Jobs or at a Financial Retirement Planning Career

Personal development is what prepares you to become successful.

If you never learned how to read or write or do simple math in your earlier years, would you be successful in high school or college?

Unfortunately, many people still do not have the privilege of going to school for those basic skills in those areas. Abraham Lincoln had to teach himself much of this basic education and he got elected President of the United States of America.

How did he do it? He did the little things over and over. He taught himself, he listened, observed, read and learned much on his own.

Personal development can be learned on your own. There are books and articles to read, people to listen to whom you can learn from.

Develop your own philosophy is what Jeff Olson says in his book “The Slight Edge”.

Your philosophy develops as you concentrate on your own personal development in all the areas that life contains: professional, personal, marital, spiritual and health.

Go on your own and find ways to educate yourself in all these areas. Seek out books to read and find mentors to model yourself after.

As a young, single mother of one son back in the 1970’s, no one told me to take on a full time course load at the local college.

And it was only the beginning of my personal development. It wasn’t easy. From time to time I went out to the clubs with friends, and once, a young man sat down and surprised me with his remark.

“Why are you out here with all these party people? You’re smart, going to college, and you’re hanging out with people who don’t have any goals at all,” he said.

He was right. But, I didn’t have an inkling of how to develop the other areas of my life. I was shy, and alcohol helped me face people. It took many, many years for the other areas of my life to develop.

There were a lot of ups and downs. Businesses failed and jobs quit. Another marriage, failed, and another child to raise as a single mom.

But learning from those failures helped prepare me for the next challenges. Now there’s a successful marriage, with the eighth anniversary finding us both still happy and loving each other much more than we did to start with ten years ago.

Ten years of newspaper publishing, and working on it again, along with two other businesses. New and improved ways of working, working at home, working relaxed and steady, always looking for ways to improve.

Actually, it is a lifelong process. We don’t just stop moving and improving our lives. We find ways to become better each day. Each day there are more opportunities.

Take each day’s opportunity to develop your philosophy by learning more, and then getting out and doing more with what you’ve learned, each and every day.

Keep going on the steady upward climb, knowing that there are little dips in the road that you will recover from if you keep doing the little things that move you forward and upward.

You can get ahead in this life and I can help.

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I hope to hear from you soon.

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