Even the very best making money ideas in the best home businesses won’t help you with your financial retirement planning if the money isn’t coming in

Are you ready for retirement?

Many of us nearing that age are not.

“The percentage of Americans who aren’t ready to retire… 70%!”, according to The Motley Fool, which provides premium investing advice and market-beating stock research

“Dipping into reserves to fund the next stage of your life may not feel great when cash flow is a concern. But it’s often necessary”, says Lauren Young, a Personal Business editor for “BusinessWeek” in it’s November 13, 2009 issue.

Just jumping into a business of your own is not the end-all, though. You need to do your research and make sure you can do the things to succeed in all areas of your life.

Doing simple things is the basis of success, according to one author.

“The Slight Edge”, his philosophy is what he says that the 95% of us that are not successful in our life goals need.

“Most of us aren’t making it” says Jeff Olson in his book “The Slight Edge”.

We just aren’t doing the right small things.

You can learn more about his philosophy in the days ahead, as I read and try to interpret some of his ideas to you.

I would advise you to purchase his book in addition, and comment on my writing, too. We will both be better off.

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You can get ahead in this world, I can show you how.

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