Financial Retirement Planning Starts With Just One Tiny Effort, as Do the Best Home Businesses When Using Making Money Ideas

For those of you who missed the first few articles, we are going over Jeff Olson’s book, “The Slight Edge”.

My purpose here is to try to get you to start working on your making money ideas and becoming one of the best home businesses and getting that financial retirement planning going.

In the first few chapters we learned that:

…“Your philosophy creates your attitudes, actions and results, which in turn creates your life.”
…The simple things that you do every day make the difference.
…That results happen over time.

If you have been reading along and did not get that information from what I’ve said, get a copy of Jeff’s book.

If you just started, get Jeff’s book to get the most out of what I am saying.

Here’s some new stuff:

Start your beginning, just one small step. And do that over and over, make it habit, ingrained in every day’s tasks until you don’t even have to think about it. That’s the author’s message here in chapter four.

The beginning for me was not signing up to work with an incredible bunch of smart, hardworking entrepreneurs who wanted to help me, yes, little old me, get a better life.

I didn’t do much at first, just kind of floundered, there was so much to do and learn that it overwhelmed me.

One of those entrepreneurs recognized this and pitched in and helped me and a few others who were struggling.

That was my beginning. She demanded that we do something every day. Then after a few weeks we all were pretty much entrenched in the habits, the next thing to come, was that we could see some of our work heading up the numbers to page one of Google.

What’s so great about that? It’s not just the little ego boost of seeing your name up there, but the fact that the numbers of other people who see your name and decide you are worth knowing and maybe even following.

When will you begin? Sooner than later is better, if you haven’t yet begun.

I hope you’ll read the articles I have written and more of these videos as they are produced to learn how you can get your “…Slight Edge”.

You CAN get ahead in this life, and I can help.

For more information on the business that is getting me ahead in this life, fill out the form on this page or go to

I hope to see you soon

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