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GO BUY own personal copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie so you can have fun marking it up.
YOU READ IT correctly… write in your book.
 THE RULE to not write in books was drilled into me as a young student, but apparently that doesn’t apply now, but only if you own your book. So go for it. Enjoy the new experiences of using crayons, pencils, pens, magic markers or highlighters to mark and underscore words you feel are especially important.

USING THIS bit of advice will help you achieve the power to change and hopefully improve your encounters with others. Oh, and if you are starting your own business, the cost of the books and writing utensils are tax deductible. While this little deduction is not a reason to start your own business, it certainly is incentive to save those receipts if you have starting your own business on your mind.

CARNEGIE gives this advice on the premise that you, in order to effectively learn the techniques in his book, will be reading and reviewing the book often, because our human memories are not that great. I know that is the case with me, so I will soon be trading in my library copy of Carnegie’s book for my very own copy of the first book ever written on how to deal with the many people that I associate with.

THE AUTHOR goes over nine suggestions before chapter one in order to get the most out of his book. When reading his suggestions, you may realize that he expects you to use this book as a lifelong instruction manual on dealing with people. In this book he hands you the power to change in order to more effectively deal with people, so if that is important to you, his expectation is reasonable.

I HOPE YOU obtain your own copy of his book and enjoy these new experiences while making a positive change in your life and of those around you.

WITH YOUR new book you now have the power to change how you deal with other people in your new experiences in life, thanks to more than two decades of thought on that topic by Dale Carnegie.
THERE WAS NO “practical working handbook on human relations” until 1937 when his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” was published.
IF YOU ARE starting your own business, dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, he says, and adds a few other occupations like housewife and engineer.
BEFORE THE book was actually published, Carnegie did, with the help of others, research everything they could find on the topic.
THIS research included studying historic leaders, old philosophers and the new psychologists, and magazines, newspapers, and even family courts.
From all that he came up with a short talk on the topic, and with the same name as his now famous book.
FROM A short talk, it became a lecture an hour-and-a-half long, which he gave at the Carnegie Institute in New York. So after fifteen years of these lectures, using thousands of his students new experiences and research, came this book, Carnegie says.
HIS BOOK is full of real life stories and he shares, in a well organized structure, the valuable experiences he has had.
IN A STUDY done a few years ago, it was reported that 15% of a person‘s financial success is due to technical knowledge, while 85% of financial success is due to personality and the ability to lead others.

WITH THAT in mind, by reading Carnegie’s book, you, too, have the power to change the way you deal with people in your new experiences.

THE BOOK is available in many bookstores in inexpensive paperback form, but in the meantime, my upcoming articles, starting October  8th, try to relate to you a little of the expertise from his book.

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