Home Business Owners Need to See the Other Picture

For an entrepreneur, even the best home businesses, the art of seeing both sides of a situation is imperative.

Your client knows what they want and you know what you want, so figure it out.

When you talk to them and find out what their point of view is, your next action is to figure out how they can get what they want while giving you your way also.

While not specifically a business issue, my husband, earlier in our marriage was absolutely set against anything that was my suggestion. He and his four children by a previous marriage are very close.

He respects their opinion, and by paying attention to the fact that if one of his kids mentioned either a new place to eat, a great place to vacation, or just about anything else, he would trust them and just accept their opinions as the gospel truth.

Apparently he had not been with me long enough to develop that trust. So, instead of suggesting that we go to that new business, one of his daughters would bring it up to him and suggest he go there.

Hmmm, wonder where they got that idea.

What he was looking for that he wasn’t going to tell me, was trust in my judgment.

So we would make plans and he would look forward to our activity. We both got what we wanted.

It’s not always this easy, but it’s well worth the effort to find out what the other business wants and work it into a plan to present to them.

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