How Do You Get Your Imagination Inspired?

Diane Neill Jensen, Your guide to developing one of the best home businesses.

While working hard at creating one of the best home businesses, there isn’t a whole lot of time to sit around thinking up new ideas.

My current project that I need to use my imagination for is to come up with a positioning statement for my business.
That time of evening when the lights are out and sleep is just a few minutes away is when my best creative time is.

Being curious about how others get their imaginations rolling, whether for business or whatever, led to an online search that turned up articles like “Let’s Get Inspired: 5 Simple Ways to Stay Creative”, with a list that contained suggestions like walk away from the project for a few minutes, or go talk to someone for a few minutes. The author did say to take a power nap, though.

So, here’s the thing. I want to know if you have an unusual way of sparking your imagination.

Do you talk to your dog or cat, run screaming down the street, or anything out of the box that makes you go and get creative at what you do? And be sure to tell what you use your imagination for.

OK. I’m waiting. Come clean, seriously. I want to know.


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