If You’re Wrong, Do Like the Best Home Businesses Would, Admit it

The advent of widespread and instant communications in the form of email on the internet has posed another way of committing miscommunication with your fellow human beings.

This short series of seven articles involves email communications between two individuals. The series started with People Skills #09 ARTICLE: How to Make People Like You Instantly

Diane, after months, was having of no success with her new business, on of the best small business ideas on the internet today. Committed to do or die, Diane was trying hard to utilize the expanded training opportunity that one of her associates was providing.

Edith and Diane, had a series of email communications regarding the promises made regarding the training.
The email escalated rapidly.

From being one totally in control of her situation to eventually resorting to just answering emotionally with no consideration of the attitude and content of her communications.

Diane, after six or eight months of working at her business, was offered a training opportunity by Edith. It was an exclusive group of followers of the best of the best small business ideas, the training was only for members of Edith’s group.

Diane jumped at the opportunity and completed her first week’s assignments ahead of time. She made a decision, after asking for permission from Edith’s top trainer.

She asked the gentleman who was conducting the webinars if she could change her website name.

This was to reflect the idea that the founders preferred their proteges to use their own names to promote their businesses. Thus we would be doing “personal branding”, and Diane’s online blog presence would be http://dianeneilljensen.com

Diane’s original blog was of a different name, and she left the original blog in place so that Edith could apprise Diane’s work that was completed that first week.

Edith, instead of going to Diane’s blog to view Diane’s videos, went to YouTube, and since Diane didn’t want to send the videos out all over the internet before Edith had a chance to look at them, Edith was not able to view the videos on YouTube.

Diane did not receive any input that week for her work.

The following week, Diane made the mistake of missing the forum notice of assignments due the end of the second week. She just thought, since there were so many new things that the students were learning and doing that the instructors were letting the students catch up.

This is the beginning of the online conversations between the two.

In the forum group, in the thread for Edith to critique the student’s work was the following comment by Edith:

October 12, 2009 at 5:52pm

No articles or videos submitted by Diane this week. Probably due to a power cut going by her last post. That’s unfortunate but part of being a business owner is having to carry the can for things over which you have no control.

5 additional articles and 5 additional videos are now due, on any subject of your choosing. That is in addition to the ones you missed and this week’s assignments. Making a total of 15 videos and 15 articles (i.e. blog posts) by next week’s deadline.

Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the current bootcamp, in accordance with the rules. You will be able to register to start again in the next bootcamp but will not qualify for the graduation bonus. You only get one shot at that.

My recommendation to members is to complete your assignments ahead of time wherever possible in order to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.

Posted by

Reply by Diane on October 12, 2009


Apologies and humbleness for my last email to you.

I just went back and checked previous assignments.

I messed up big time.

Please disregard my forum email message sent a few moments ago.

When I did not see an assignment for the next five chapters, I thought you were just giving us a break to learn all the new stuff. Ooops!

I will drop and do 15 articles and videos, as directed.

Just a reminder, though, I have changed my blog address to http://dianeneilljensen.com with previous permission from Tray.

I am doing this as the first 8 months of CCPro I seemed to have done everything wrong.

I am trying to reform my thinking and actions to reflect a more business like attitude in my actions.

A much humbler,

There was nothing wrong with Edith’s message. Pre-warned of consequences, Diane knew she had that coming.

Demonstrating one of Dale Carnegie’s Principles, “If you’re wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically”

If you wonder how this relates to making money ideas
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