In Your Best Small Business Ideas, See the Others Point of View

Awhile back, a few years ago, as an active board member of Nenana Valley Chamber of Commerce, and owner of one of mybest home businesses, my making money ideas revolved around bringing more business into our community, economic development.

 Others seemed to agree and we worked on various ideas to support that train of thought. The small group became involved and came up with the best small business ideas for promoting tourism. 

We thought that using these small business ideas to promote more visitors touring our town, would benefit our businesses.

The various tour bus companies and independent travelers who arrived by highway would spend money at our shops, and everyone would be happy.

Then, one of our esteemed board members, one of the most creative, an artist with many small business ideas, brought up an idea from another viewpoint. This is what entrepreneur Miles Martin of Miles of Alaska had to say.

“In your own business, and most other businesses in this town, the idea is fine. But what about those people who moved here or who have lived here because there aren’t too many people, strangers, wandering around?

I’ve been to other meetings where people say they don’t want the town to grow. They like that we have a small town, no big box stores or busy streets.

They want their children to be able to walk to our one store without worrying about speeding cars running them down. They like the peace and quiet.”

That was the first time we’d gotten a point of view that opposed our ideas, and we all agreed with Miles, that before moving forward, we needed to meet with community members, and not just restrict our conversations to those who own businesses.

One savvy and creative business member, Miles Martin, took the time to seek out other people’s opinions on our small business ideas.

Miles may have saved a lot of hard feelings from the townspeople who don’t own their own business, or care that we may have had the best small business ideas around.

In your own business, it is wise to “Try honestly to see things from the others point of view,” as Dale Carnegie states in the chapter entitled “A Formula That Will Work Wonders For You” in his timeless book geared toward helping your own business, “How to Win Friends & Influence People”.

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