Internet Affiliate Marketing – what’s in it for you?

One of the quickest growing online industries is Internet affiliate marketing .  What is this about?

Affiliate marketers use various marketing and promotion methods to help a product or service Merchants gain sales .  The affiliate promotes by advertisng, creating leads, raises brand awareness all for the purposeto generate converting traffic for the Merchant/Associate .

The two come together when an associate creates a product or service , and creates a task list for potential affiliates .  The affiliate then examines the merchant/associate program andmakes the decision if it is a beneficial opportunity to promote .  Many of the deciding factors may include the payment commission & payout terms, the product/service quality, potential of residual income and the terms & conditions.


So what are some of the main componets of a Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs?

First off, the opportunity if founded by the merchant , to join in their business & make their offer available to potential buyers .   The affiliate may have many different means , such a advertising , making the offer visible on their own site , videos , emailing their customer list to promote the merchant .  Often terms of the affiliate and rules for approved commission is available in the Merchants affiliate members area on their website .  Listed are some of the aspects to consider of an Internet marketing affiliate programs:

Listing of approved commission rates .  Often this can be a decided factor is an affiliate wishes to join or not .  The approved rates of commissions can and will vary widely depending completely upon the merchant.

In the niche market area , the Merchant is providing affiliate programs specifically targetted to a type of industry or service . Examples of these types of affiliate programs might be online dating , Financial institutions, Scholorships for college , travel packages etc. If the  merchant has variabe products/services/goods they often may have different rates of commissions depending on the program..

Tracking is crucial also, as using a tracking system allows the affiliate and Merchant to keep a leger of actions and activities and sales and what the total of commission due to the affiliate is.. Some merchants use a third party to keep tracking records and payouts, which is also available to the affiliate to get at for current account info.

Second Tier referrals is sometimes offered as well by Merchants, where if their affiliate refers another affiliate to their program a percentage is paid based on their sales when they are paid.  Some Merchants also offer bonuses or prizes for referrals & some offer a flat rate of commission for a referral signing up. Epic Traffic Systems Affilaite program is an example of where 2nd Tier Commissions is being offered.

Most Internet marketing affiliate programs offer free registration for the affiliates to sign up . In some cases however, there may be an annual fee or account maintenance fee, or per sales fee.  Information access should be provided by the Merchant, explaining up front any fees for services or maintenance .

There will be many different forms of Payment options available and is normally stipulated how the payment will be made by the Merchant.  It could be for example a check, Paypal payment or on-line bank transfer . The Merchant also should stipulate the relative frequency of approved payments &   if there are any waiting periods. 

Otent Merchants will provide for their affiliates promotional usage materials . They can vary, and often are in digital form , ranging from banners, Articles, videos & links that you can place on your sites. It’s a good idea to checkout their promotional material they will be providing, before joining with a Merchant.

In order for you to decide if Internet affiliate marketing programs is something you may be interested in pursuing, it’s best to know what your requirements are & also understand what is & isn’t covered in the potential Merchant affiliates program.


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