Make Their Faults Seem Easy to Fix & Training for Money Making Ideas

A childhood friend of mine did not have much encouragement at home.

He was constantly berated by his single parent, who said he’d never amount to anything.

My friend started smoking at the age of ten and was into alcohol shortly after.

How was he to concentrate on working or making money ideas , going into business, maybe even owning one of the best home businesses, let alone do any financial retirement planning?

What could help him save his sanity?

More on that in a moment.

Is there some reason you have not yet turned to the internet for making money ideas?

Has something happened in your past that keeps you from thinking that you are not capable of elite marketing results?

I believe you can succeed, like I have, in learning the skills in the way that I did, with a reputable training program for your hands on training. Soon, you can own one of the best home businesses in your area.

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Now, back to my story.

The young man that was so looked down upon by his single parent sought refuge with a business man that owned a junkyard.

The man did not berate the youngster for bad habits already formed, but did encourage him to spend more time in constructive activities, things that the youngsters parent told him that he’d never be good at.

The business owner realized that the youngster had potential as a mechanic, and encouraged him to develop this talent.

The older gentleman made sure that there was even paying work to do for the under age protégé.

Eventually, the younger man, with the help of his mentor, became one of Alaska’s North Slope Oilfield’s best diesel mechanics, making the kind of money some of us only dream of.

“If you want to help others improve, remember, use encouragement. Make the fault seem easy to correct,” says Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

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