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Whether it’s one of your making money ideas as owner of one of the best home businesses, or if you are shopping for financial retirement planning options, there are psychological factors that you can learn to make work for you or not.

The Theory

When we shop for that particular item, we compare the price of the first item with the price of all future prices of a similar object.

The imprint becomes an “anchor” for the initial prices in our minds.

How the Factor Affects Your Business

So, if you are trying to sell a customer on joining your marketing organization, what they’ve seen before they got to you is a major factor in their decision on whether to join with you or not.

Dan Ariel’s research reported on in his book “Predictably Irrational” says that says our mind imprints the price of the first item we see of a particular type in our minds.

More to This Theory

How long does that anchor last?

The higher or lower the anchor price, determines what the consumer will pay for it on the first purchase, then similarly on the second purchase of a similar product, and in even more similar purchases of similar items.

So, even if your prospect has joined others, and is happy or not with the product, if they’re willing to purchase another business opportunity, the price is a factor.

A Solution to Further Your Business

You can change the price consumers are willing to pay for an item despite their anchor, if you package or market the product in a different way, thus negating the previous anchor in your future associate’s mind.

You would have to create features and benefits that make your product seem totally different than the previous purchases were.


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