Making Money Ideas are Good for Employers with Employees but with Consequences


What about Employer vs. employee in the social norm and market norm

If you mix market (business) norms* with social norms**, what are the consequences.


If you are treating your employees in both worlds, and if you expect your employees to work harder because you’ve “befriended” them in addition to employing them, it works both ways.

Would you fire you best friend and sever all ties just because he or she got sick and used up all their sick leave and vacation time?

We would hope not.

Just remember that the social norm works on your actions towards your employees just as your employees work harder for you if you place them more in the social norm in their work situation.


The changes in the way you treat your customers or clients, whatever they are, whether they are in the social norm or in the market norm, work both ways.

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*social norms = “friendly requests people make of each other.” “…provides pleasure for both (parties)…does not require reciprocity not immediately required.”
**market norms = “wages, prices, rents…” “imply comparable benefits and prompt payments.”

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