Many People Are Making These Link Building Mistakes-You May Be Too

There are millions of websites and blogs on the Internet on every imaginable topic. Most sites don’t get many visitors, though. There are lots of ways to get visitors to your site once it is up and running.

You have the option of using the very powerful method of backlinking: you are going to research sites in your niche and find the best ones to build your links on.

Link building has to be done a certain way and most people are doing it wrong. You can be part of the group that gets positive results from their link building if you pay attention. The answer lies in the methods they use to build links. Using list building techniques that the search engines don’t condone is not the fastest way to get on the first page but it is the fastest way to get your site snatched out of the listings and having to start from scratch.

Your goal is to appear as natural as possible so this means developing a strategy that allows you to add backlinks at a slow and steady pace. Fast paced link building is a surefire way to lose in the end. Following are a list of some of the most common mistakes that some people often receive as advice.

Stay away from sites that can’t be analyzed by the search engines.

You might do everything correct when placing the link but still be wasting your time. How’s that possible? When you place a link on a site that employs the robot.txt file so Google won’t scan it; your link won’t be picked-up by the search engines. That’s why it makes sense to place your links on pages that are easily accessible for the search engine bots.  This is why SENuke is such an excellent link building tool as it submits links in a non-spammy manner.

Another mistake that you should stay away from is buying links. You always want as many high Pagerank links as you can get. These types of links are very expensive and leased out for up to prices ranging fro a few hundred to several thousand per year to get a link on their sites. You end up spending too much money for your results. The main reason people pay for them is that they think that they actually work. The saturation is killing the whole idea as Google traces such links down and penalizes them, so don’t make this mistake. Your goal with link building is to keep it as natural/organic as humanly possible.  If you have a Hostgator review site, don’t tarnish it with bad links!

Two of the most important things to look out for when placing one way links is that the page has a high pagerank and is covers the same topic as your page. It’s a shame that everyone wants fast results when they know that they are only temporary fixes. This is the only long-term solution that is available when it comes to link building. As the search engines grow smarter and more advanced, the smart thing for you to do is to give it what it wants instead of trying to cheat it. Don’t take the “easy” way out and spam or use unethical tactics because most of them don’t stand a chance against the search engines of today. If you work at being particular with your links, the better it is.

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