More Noble Than Money

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As the newspaper editor of our small weekly publication in Nenana, Alaska, never did an author request payment for their articles. In fact they all, without exception, insisted they did not want pay.
When first starting to publish the news in what had been an advertising flyer, the frustration of the added tasks really got to me. It was just too much work to sell and design ads, typeset and layout the paper, then distribute it.

Adding news was not one of the best ideas the financial picture, but the townspeople were hungry for any bits of local news that were available. 

An article in the issues published early on appealed to the nobler motives of our local talented community members.

The article asked them to contribute to the newspaper with their comments, happenings, and anything that might be of interest to our neighbors, so that we could all be more aware of what’s going on in our community.

The first writer was called by me, and even though he was not a reporter of current events, his writing entailed his experiences upon moving to our area of Alaska, and we got great feedback from these regular bits.

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As others saw that Miles was getting lots of attention, more people came on board with their contributions.

Appealing to local authors was one of the more excellent small business ideas during the ten years that the Nenana Messenger News existed.

Of the regular writers who contributed each week for years and years, one was a business expert, the other an excellent human interest writer, and three great purveyors of the faiths they believed in, sought me out and volunteered to contribute every week.

Karen Harvey’s human interest stories of our local people were fantastic.

Two local faith based leaders, Virginia Young and Tim Horn, taught all of us a little about the B’a Hai faith. The Minnema family with their strong faith based beliefs, taught us much about how they deal with everyday life, using their Christian ideals.

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