One of Many Great Making Money Ideas…Offer Something Free

What if

What do you think would happen if you used the following making money ideas to bring customers into your business:

Offered your business clients a discounted trial offer of 50% off the regular price of a $29.95 book, or an ebook version worth only 25% of that same for free?

Invited your coffee lover customers the choice of a free cup of coffee a week, or 50% off their morning coffee for a month?

Offered your home buying client a free washer and dryer to encourage them to purchase the house that costs $10,000 more than the other house of the two that the client was having a hard time deciding upon?

FREE works

Any free offer trumps an offer that has a savings of even more than that of the free offer, if we are “Predictably Irrational”, as proven in Dan Ariely’s book of that title.

Use this proven fact to your advantage, as many are doing online these days in order to entice possible associates to learn more about your business.


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