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After a conference with associates, I am having a one on one conversation with Suzette.

“You know, back in the day, I used to wear my most comfortable old blue jeans with a nice tank top and my newest hoodie to these things.

Once, one of my friends at home asked me in shock if that’s what I wear to all these conferences.

She thought I’d do better if I wore a pair of regular slacks and a blouse.

Reluctant to hurt her feelings, I said I’d try it next time.

To my amazement, people treated me differently. They were always nice before, but after upping my wardrobe a bit, they asked me advice and talked to me more.

I was so amazed that such a little change would have people see me as more approachable and knowledgeable.”

We’ll get back to this in just a moment.

What do you think direct sales marketing is?

  1. high-paying, two-tier sales programs
  2. “party plan” sales marketing and selling products,
  3. direct to consumers away from a fixed retail location

But first, let’s find out what that conversation between Suzette and Diane was all about.

“So, Suzette, I notice you are wearing nice jeans and a sweater, a bit better than I wore way back, but maybe upping your wardrobe ante might work for you like it did for me.”

When you’re faced with having to criticize an associate, rely on this expert advice to not cause resentment while effectively dealing with that situation.

“Talk About Your Own Mistakes Before Criticizing The Other Person”, says Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

Remember that multiple choice question earlier?

What did you choose?

You are correct.

They are all correct.

There are many ways that people have used to describe direct sales marketing.

Direct sales marketing is used to describe high-paying, two-tier sales programs like your real estate agent.

Direct sales marketing is used to describe “party plan” sales in companies like Mary Kay and Tupperware, and of course, Avon.

Direct sales marketing, or just direct sales, is the method of marketing and selling products, direct to consumers away from a fixed retail location, and according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA),

“Products are sold primarily through in-home product demonstrations, parties, and one-on-one selling…”

The company sales plan with products that I sell is best described as a high-paying, two-tier sales program, but our products are sold via the internet.

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