Read This Book to Learn How to Succeed at Making Money Ideas in the Best Home Businesses and Start Your Financial Retirement Planning

Are you looking at financial retirement planning and realize you don’t have enough time to save up for your retirement years?

Making money ideas by starting a company to work towards one of the best home businesses, in addition to still working your “day job”, could help.

Lately, as my husband and I are getting ready for retirement, the realization that the only form of financial retirement planning in place is from my husband’s job, and from his social security. Since I had been struggling with running a losing money newspaper business for ten years and haven’t paid into social security, I have zero coming from social security.

Just this year, I started working with a larger company and in my own home business to add another stream of income with those other financial retirement planning already in place.

I still look for top internet marketing companies listed on the internet, not that I want to jump ship on my company, but so that I can be honest with my potential associates.

So far, no one has topped the making money ideas for the best home businesses and had the product for financial planning, including financial retirement planning, that my company has.

One site I went to gave some great advice. Stop looking for the best company and get the education you need to make your own business work.

Wow. That was right on. And, I’ve found the book to help you make a success of whatever type of success you are looking for.

It’s not how to do it, it’s how you think that makes the difference, professes Jeff Olson, in chapter one of his book, “The Slight Edge”.

Philosophy must be the thing behind your attitude, your actions and results, than in turn creates your life, he says.

He explains attitude, entitled or value-driven, and says that failure is a learning experience.

Little things that you do every day make all the difference.

Jeff says to use the book as the basis for succeeding in all the areas of your life, health & exercise, financial goals, relationships, professional and others.

Read along with me as I go over each chapter of his book to find out how to succeed with my life plans.

I recommend that you go to to get a copy of the book for yourself, don’t take my interpretation as the end all.

I also recommend that you place your name and email address on this page to find out more about the business that is leading me to a better life.

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