Receive the Gift of Making Money Ideas so That You Can Own One of the Best Home Businesses and Start Your Financial Retirement Planning

Have you ever seen someone less well off than you and wanted to help that person, maybe just with some making money ideas?

How about you? Do you wonder how you can get the help to know the way to owning one of the best home businesses, and even start your financial retirement planning?

Truth of it is, most people, possibly even you, are skeptical about taking one on one advice from someone.

People are more likely to take helpful advice if they read it. There are hundreds of self-help books in print. You’ve probably read a few, yourself. How many bits of advice have you actually followed through on in those books?

Jeff Olson got his inspiration for his self-help book while waiting for his flight at an airport a few years ago.

He had a conversation with the shoe-shine lady, started wondering why such a bright, hardworking woman would settle for such a job.

Then he started looking around at all the people coming and going at the airport. Many looked more harried than happy, and Jeff surmises that many of these people had or have the potential to achieve their goals and dreams, but just didn’t put two and two together enough to do it.

Jeff Olson had financial success and wanted to help, so he got busy and wrote a book, and he started that very day, as soon as he caught his flight.

His is not just a self-help book, but a book about how to put the information in those books to work in your life.

“The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson” is the name of his book.

Read it, believe it, work it.

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