Small Business Ideas Include Dual Roles

Owners of the business Coghill’s General Store in Nenana, Alaska, are no strangers to making money ideas enforcing dual roles. While they do have a “store”, and not a home business, they do things that, if you have your own business and it is a home business, you should take stock in.

Your have the power to change not only your own lives in your new business, but also the lives of anyone you come in contact with.

Coghill’s General Store is the ultimate model of good business behavior, not just while the owners are in their store, but throughout the community.

Marilyn, the wife, spends some of her spare time writing the sermons for St. Marks Episcopal Church in Nenana. She studied for many years and became an ordained clergy two years ago.

Marilyn’s prayers mention, by individual name, every Sunday, for birthdays and anniversaries, births and deaths, the soldiers at war, those who are suffering from illness, and those who have lost a loved one.

She has spent about a dozen years off and on through the last couple decades taking care of school business on the local school board.

Her family organized two events for local children many years ago, and Marilyn and husband Tye have carried on this tradition.

One event is a Christmas party for every child in Nenana, and each child receives a gift, hand wrapped, and with their name on it.

Likewise, she and her family sponsor an annual Independence Day celebration with free games and prizes for all participants.

Her Uncle Jack Coghill’s familiar chant is one that all in this town remember.

“Here’s your quarter, everybody gets a quarter,” he hollers out after each game. The winners, of course, get more than a quarter, but every child gets something.

They spend much time preparing for each event, but they are not alone. There is a crew of other local business persons, entrepreneurs and other residents who have made it their tradition every year to get together and wrap presents for the children.

Other business owners are out every year to oversee the Independence Day games.

The family also does not do all the donating of money. There is a can out each year at local businesses for donations to the two programs, and many businesses donate in addition to providing the collection cans.

So, entrepreneur, home business owner, or other business owner, reach out to people in genuine interest, and be welcomed by all wherever you are.

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