Socrates Knew the Way of the Best Home Businesses, But We Have to Learn It

This series started with People Skills #09 ARTICLE: How to Make People Like You Instantly, when Edith called and welcomed Diane into the community of people utilizing one of the best small business ideas to arrive on the internet in this decade.

If you have not read articles 9-14, you may not follow what’s happening in this last post. I invite you to start from the beginning.

Things are not going well for either party in this communication devoid of human personal body language and the sound of hearing the others voice tone.

In this forum message from Diane, she starts out on a positive note, but in the end, gives up all hope of Edith acting in a civilized manner, as reflected in the last remark in the message.


I apologize if I sound ungrateful. I’m just wanting so much to be a success with this that sometimes I get overzealous. I need and appreciate the BootCamp.

All of my keywords rank well in samurai, but two of them were not very business oriented…obviously a lack of common sense on my part. I apologize for that.

You answered my question about keywords in your previous email when you said I have “so many different topics and keywords…and…not business opportunity type keywords and topics.” I don’t expect you to pick them, just wanted your opinion.

I have been using Traffic Geyser since a month before BootCamp started and have had some measure of success. I admit it was a stupid question, not sure why I said it. Nobody’s perfect.

On the family history, Troy specifically said that the more the better on the personal info.

Now, if I ask your opinion on whether I should pull them or not, is that too much. Seriously.

I don’t need you to do my work, just a word from one who is a success and that I look up to…I won’t bother you with any more questions. I’m tired of groveling.

And, I have more than once apologized to Troy for the email mix-up.


“The secret of Socrates” in Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” of “getting the other person saying yes, yes, immediately”, was missed totally in all of the communications between these two individuals.

It takes two to communicate.

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