Thank You Helps Even The Best Home Businesses

IMAGINE the hugest most beautiful bouquet of white roses you’ve ever seen, so huge you can’t even see the delivery driver’s face when you open the front door.

YOU THINK, there must be a mistake, no one ever sends me flowers. But it’s no mistake. The delivery is for you. It could be from your spouse, boyfriend, your son or daughter. It doesn’t really matter in that one moment that you realize they are for you.

WOULD YOU ever forget that amazing feeling? How incredibly special a moment like that is to a person.

THIS MAY be a bit more than what happens to us in our everyday lives. But, wouldn’t it feel good to receive some kind of pat on the back of appreciation from the people we deal with every day?

HOLD ON A minute. Let’s look at this from another viewpoint. You have the power to change people’s lives with just a kind word or gesture. You don’t have to be starting your own business to make this work for you.

IF YOU offered some sincere appreciation every day to just one person during that day, do you think it would make a difference in your life?

THESE people you bequest with new experiences of kindness and thanks from you will appreciate it.

HISTORY HAS proven that some of the great men of their day had shown appreciation to their close friends and associates, and those people were known to show great loyalty to these men.

GENERAL George Patton, despite his arrogant personality, showed up in the battlefields and if he felt the occasion warranted it, would give out a medal and take care of the paperwork later, according to James F. Dunnigan and Daniel Masterson’s book “The Way of the Warrior”. The loyalty of his soldiers to him is legendary.

BUT YOU don’t have to be a boss or a general to show your appreciation. It takes only a little bit of effort. Tell your spouse, your kids, your friends, whoever you come across during the day how great they look today, and mean it!

IF YOUR praise is sincere, you will see their body language change, at the very least, and most of the time, they will walk away with a lighter step and a brighter attitude.

To you, the reader: The Title of this article coincides with the lessons coined in Dale Carnegie’s timeless classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” published in 1937.

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