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ARE YOU a good listener? 

IT’S ONE of those traits that we need to practice, like new experiences for some of us.

I HAVE a friend who is incredibly talented and has lots of energy to do things like quilting, sewing, photography and cooking. And, she excels in all of them . . . and she exercises every day!

Her and her husband and their dogs walk probably a mile a day, summer and winter. Winter sometimes gets to 60 degrees below zero, but they just put on more layers and head out into the cold.

Brrr…! Not me, I’d rather bask on some warm beach somewhere when it’s -60 here in Alaska

 SHE IS just a bit too much like me in the conversation department sometimes.

WE WILL BE having a conversation and I’ll want to make a comment, try to catch a silent nano-second to insert a word and she just talks right on through my comment.

TALK about a communication breakdown. Everyone knows it takes two things to successfully communicate, the sender sends, and the receiver must receive!

HOW IN the heck can she possibly hear what I’m saying while she’s still talking. Oh, yeah, and vice versa, so I guess I’ll just have to shut up and listen.

Maybe we shouldn’t have that second cup of caffeine which seems to exacerbate the situation (yes, I checked the spelling on that big word).

SO, TONIGHT, her and her husband are having one of their semi-annual food fests. October fest with all the German foods, home-made, and home-made beer, wine, root beer and ginger ale.

I remember telling them “you should be starting your own business”.

But they want to keep it all just for fun. And fun it is. It’s a blast.

Diane and Karen communicating.
Diane and Karen communicating.

SO, TONIGHT I will be testing out the power to change that us humans possess, and use my listening skills to reduce the negative impact of my newly realized communication flaws may have been hard on our friendship.


To you, the reader:  The Title of this article coincides with the lessons coined in Dale Carnegie’s timeless classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” published in 1937.

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