The Best Money Making Ideas and Best Home Businesses May Come From Baby Brothers or Sisters

Owning your own business may be more appealing to younger siblings

A book that I read about recently, suggests that the younger siblings in a family dynamic are more adventurous and likely full of making money ideas and own the best home businesses.

“…laterborns are more likely to be open to new experiences and to think outside the proverbial box.” according to a book by Frank J. Sulloway, says Gad Saad, Ph.D. in his article The Nature and Nurture of Consumption.

Born to Rebel published in 1996 was chosen as a Notable Book of the Year by The New York Times.

Sulloway predicted that laterborns would be the overwhelming drivers of scientific innovations whereas firstborns would be the most vehement supporters of the status quo, says Saad, who is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University)

If my family is any indication, this rings true. My sister, the oldest sibling in our family, married, had a couple babies and got a real job and kept it for 20+ years.

The Oldest Four Siblings
The Oldest Four Siblings

She’s still married and has only lived at two addresses for the past thirty or so years.

The rest of us are totally opposite. We’ve all been married more than once, have moved extensively, and live lifestyles that are not the norm, although we all have worked hard all our lives, just in different ways.
I, the second born am a freelance writer/photographer, former newspaper editor, former a lot of different things.
The sibling just a year younger than me was a total rebel, next in line is my first baby brother who chooses to live off the grid.
My youngest brother, who is seven years younger than my first baby brother, has had a variety of lifestyles and chooses to work in a remote location and is entrepreneur material, although chooses to work for an employer at the moment.
He has traveled farther and been to more countries than all four of the rest of us combined.
When we get together to talk, the biggest topic is always about the best small business ideas.  We can go on for hours, and both of our spouses just sit mesmerized while we brainstorm and pick each others brains.
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