The Best Small Business Ideas for The Best Home Businesses

Take an idea for the best home businesses or an action of your own, plant it in someone else’s mind, and let them translate the idea into their own concept.
making money ideas that encourage return customers sometimes can be planted into the client‘s psyche.
For most of my life my hairstyle has been at the mercy of stylists trying their best to match my wants with their skills.
Instead of seeing my vision, they inevitably looked at my current hair’s appearance, and the unstylish rest of me,
and came up with a much plainer, version of the hairstyle in the photo.
Certainly not the image you’d want for your own business.
 The past two visits to two different hairstylists have had radically different results.
 The first of the two visits, my photos were two wildly different hairstyles, one platinum and sleek, the other, dark
brunette and curly. Both styles were short.The end result, was a little shorter than was asked for, but with the much
 desired “attitude” of the more fashion forward crowd, those in businesses that often utilize the best small business
ideas, a group of small businesses that have small business ideas that I aspire to.

Showing the stylist the photos, and saying that a style with “attitude” was the “do” expected, we started.

She then suggested different ways to go and came up with her own version of the cut.

 That style lasted for several months. A new hair stylist was needed because the former stylist decided take her small

business ideas to a different level, specializing in manicures.

The new stylist, when presented with several options, concentrated for a few seconds and agreed. I then asked for
suggestions to make the cut look better on me.
This stylist went even further, telling me that we would play it by ear, and she would ask me for direction in each
section of my hair cut.
Each time she asked me for direction, I would reverse the question, asking her which she thought would look better,
 and so it went until she was done.
My hair hasn’t looked this stylish and fashion forward since the eighties.


This technique worked so well, I hadn’t thought about using it in other situations since reading Dale Carnegie’s

“How to Win Friends and Influence People”, in the chapter “How to Get Cooperation”.



This lends a whole new concept when planning your own business and trying out the making money ideas .
Use it on your banker, to ensure financing or other banking services.
Use it for brainstorming small business ideas, asking your partner, friends or spouse for input on their ideas.
Genius in concept, takes aforethought to pull off, so do a little pre-planning until you get this technique honed to
a sharp business skill comparable to the best small business ideas.  





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