The Dangers Of SEO Services And How They Can Harm Your Website

Search engine optimisation services are becoming increasingly popular. Those people who depend on their website to make a living need to perform well on the search engines so it is hardly surprising that they should turn to this type of service. Even though there are many genuine SEO services available, there are a number too who are not so genuine and it is these services which could have a bad effect on how your website performs in the long run. The biggest worry is that an SEO service employing ‘black hat’ techniques could get you banned completely from a search engine.


What are ‘Black Hat’ SEO Techniques?


Techniques which are considered to be against a search engines terms of service are known as black hat techniques. The main reason why these techniques are not approved by the search engines is because they are deemed to give an unfair advantage and they are not providing any value to the visitor. Fooling the search engines by spam is one example of a black hat technique and is referred to as spamdexing. Another example are link farms which use inbound links from a site specifically designed to provide these links. Black hat techniques are really not tolerated at all by the people who manage the search engines and they could end up just banning the website involved in these techniques.


Why do some SEO services use such questionable methods?


Every SEO company that you come across will promise you results so they are under pressure to achieve these results and may get desperate. Many websites will rank quite highly as a result of these techniques and most customers will be please about this. They pay their money and feel like satisfied customers. Most customers will be in the dark later on when their website gets banned or when they cannot find it in the search engine results pages. In many instances you won’t get removed completely from the search engine but will fall so low in the rankings that you may as well be.


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