The Hole in Your Strategic Marketing Planning is Worth More Than the Drill to Your Customer

Sell the hole, to sell the hoe!

Benefits hit the customer buy button in your strategic marketing planning.

In marketing to your customers, figure out the benefit your product provides.
You know what it’s features are, and can list them if you want in your marketing means, but finding that emotion triggering benefit can make a huge impact on your advertising return on investment.
Laura Clampitt Douglas in her December 2000 article in Entrepreneur Magazine says that
“not one in 10 businesses really understands the difference. And that’s one of the main reasons most small-business marketing efforts don’t work!”


Study what worked for others by remembering the oldies

“Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Oh what a relief it is.”
If you're selling a pill for pain relief, sell the relief from the headache.
Do you remember that little Alka-Seltzer guy?
Or, how about this slogan, “The pause that refreshes”, for Coca-Cola, which was ranked number three by Ad Age Magazine for their list of the top ten slogans of the century.
Do you hear the tune in your head as you read McDonald‘s “You deserve a break today”? That little ditty was ranked number one in Ad Age Magazine’s Top 10 Jingles of the Century.


Create memorable benefits for your product that customers will relate to.

A benefit answers the question “What’s in it for me?,” says Ms. Douglas.
If your imagination has trouble figuring out what will elicit a memorable response in your customer’s mind, brainstorm with friends or family.

Surf the web for ideas!

You can also just cruise the ‘net’ and stir up some ideas. I use this technique, as I work alone and haven’t had much success with friends or family because they can’t see what’s in it for them!
In the words of Nike, go out and “Just Do It”!


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