Tips on How to Buy Wholesale Traffic

Are you having difficulty generating traffic aimed at your website and you are therefore considering how to buy wholesale traffic? Well this information is to offer some insight on the planet of wholesale traffic and potential scams that could con you for hundreds of dollars.

What and how to buy wholesale traffic?

To begin with what’s wholesale traffic several of you will question. The reply to this question is wholesale traffic is a bulk quantity of traffic you could buy from traffic sellers. It should guarantee you higher ratings of traffic that move across your site creating better stats.

Many wholesalers say they can allow you to get say 1 million visitors for just 20 dollar, will sound like dream be realized right? But what a number of them don’t inform you is the fact that although you may have 1 million hits it doesn’t means that they are all individual people.

Tips about how to spot a scam.

So you decided to go with it and buy traffic but there are some things you should do before you decide to pick a distinct company or seller. When purchasing your traffic ask if it is unique within 24 to 48 hours. This means you are asking in case you are getting real individuals every day rather than the same visitor twice daily. It has been know that some large companies will send the same individuals over 50 to 100 times to meet their expected quota. So it’s essential that you ask how unique your traffic will be.

Next you should ask what exactly your traffic source is. Is it redirected domain traffic, Bot traffic, popunder or popup traffic? And also when asking be sure you ask if your traffic is coming from junk domains or from high quality ones.

The key reason why you should ask this is simple. For example, popups are annoying and some of you think that when you see a popup it is deceitful and dishonest therefore people will think your website is a spam site and no one will visits it. So you do not want to buy this type of traffic.

The best traffic you can buy is domain traffic. Domain traffic is traffic that comes from internet website that have already expired and in which people are still visiting them. If a highly successful business has gone after a few great years and their domain has expired people buy the domains and categorizes them and then use them to redirect traffic aimed at your web.

So if you feel looking to buy wholesale traffic from a traffic seller ensure you do not jump straight into the first one you see. Do a little bit of research prior to deciding this course of action as in the long run you may waste big money on something that should have generated you 100’s of dollars.

So be smart and always be on alert when dealing with these people, you will end up better off for it and you will more than likely not get scammed.

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