Trust and Faith in Your Making Money Ideas for Your Best Home Businesses and Financial Retirement Planning Goals Pay Off In Time

What are your financial retirement planning goals?

“Many Americans save little—or nothing—for retirement,” says the Health and Retirement Study of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, which administers and conducts the survey.

“Low income,” was cited as the most common problem to saving money.

A subset was asked of participants was asked if they would save a hypothetical windfall. Although about 70% said they would save it, but the study says that there is little evidence that suggests that people would change their ways and save the money.

Baby boomers begins to turn age 65 in 2011. Not only baby boomers, but the next generations have also copped the attitude of skipping the “cultivating” phase of Plant, cultivate, harvest, that Jeff Olson talks about in his book, “The Slight Edge”.

I am a baby boomer, although at the youngest end of the spectrum. I always thought that I was the exception to the people of the world that have their financial retirement planning in order.

I joined with a group that is helping me get on track for becoming successful with my goals.

This is what my mentors have done for me this past few months:

They have helped me learn the cultivating of my goals…the daily little things to do that produce results over time, in my case, five weeks (so far) of doing the little actions each day brings me just that much closer to my goal of earning more than hourly wages, over time.

No immediate feedback, except knowing that we have weekly assignments to report on.

The feedback, in the form of income, comes a little later. No I’m not rich yet. That’s not my point.

Now that I am reading Jeff Olson’s book “The Slight Edge”, I know where some of my mentors knowledge may come from.

I’ve learned from his book, in just the first three chapters:

You always have a choice.
The faith that your choice will produce results later is what will keep you doing the little things.
Live in the moment and each moment make the right choices.

Follow along with me and, get your own copy of the book, you will understand more when you read his whole story.

And, do something else. Put your name and email in the form on this page. Find out more about the leaders that are giving me “The Slight Edge”.

You can get ahead in this world, I can show you how.

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