Two Frogs, Two Best Home Businesses Started with Making Money Ideas and Financial Retirement Planning In Mind

Never give up hope for whatever it is you want in this life. Just keep on going, working towards your goals. If you keep working, keep doing the little things, eventually, something wonderful may happen.

Come up with some making money ideas to be able to create one of the best home businesses takes a lot of little steps, and until you’ve achieved your financial retirement planning goals, you might think you’re treading water, but the biggest events happen a little at a time, almost imperceptibly.

This is the lesson that Jeff Olson, author of “The Slight Edge” hopes to teach us with his story of two frogs in the beginning of his book. Here’s another example that may help you understand the lesson:

In May of 1997, the Nenana Messenger was born. It was an advertising flyer that I came up with as a way of supplementing my income in Nenana, Alaska, a village of less than 500 people at that time. Jobs were scarce, and although I had a little money saved up, it would never last through the year.

Day after day, I visited business after business, over and over. Pretty soon I had one customer willing to take a chance on a $7.50 a week advertisement on my flyer. Then two, then six, then more. I hung the flyers on every bulletin board within fifty miles in each direction on the highway.

Then, some of the readers of this solar yellow flyer decided that I should start putting interesting little news items on the flyer, and a newspaper was born.

For ten years I struggled to make a financial success of this little rag. One day in 2007, someone offered me money for the rag, and I sold it.

Two years later, after I’m already thoroughly entrenched in another business, the newspaper falls back into my lap again.

THIS time, my current business has trained me in all versions of social media online marketing and I know that, without the “paper” in the Nenana News, it’s a much better financial feasibility and takes a fraction of my time to produce.

So now, I am running two businesses that are a fraction of the time and stress of that original newspaper, and they both promise to have positive financial impact on mine and my husband’s lives. All those days of publishing the newspaper paid off, after all.

Never give up, keep working, keeping going on that treadmill, eventually, something good comes of all that work, if you’re looking in the right direction.

My “right direction” was signing on with an online marketing business with tons of training and the prospect of high dollar sales. Amongst the training is reading books like Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, and my newest read, Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge”, which is the inspiration for my current articles.

You CAN get ahead in the world, and I can help.

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