Web Seminars give the personal touch to your Online Product

As more of the retail sector moves online where price sorting is the king of sales, it seems that those marketing boutique products are being squeezed out by the products at the bottom of the price schedule. In the highly competetive world of Automotive SEO it seems that everone claims to be number one, so the challenge facing a firm who actually has a product that is better than the competetion is penetrating through the fog and demonstrating the superiority of said product.

Jorn & Price Automotive Marketing provides web services with propriety SEO for franchised car dealerships across the country. Rather than create a low-priced template style system like much our auto dealer marketing competition (dealer.com, clickmotive.com, etc) JPM offers a custom tailored web presence that factors in market size and desired keywords for optimization. Because of this, large scale mass marketing efforts are not really useful; Jorn & Price seeks ‘ideal clients’ who have technical competency, understanding of online resources, and the desire to make their dealership stand out from the pack. The ideal marketing method for any “boutique” product or service like ours is to demonstrate the product in a one-on-one setting with the key decision maker. In the fast-paced world of Automotive retail, the best method available is live Web Seminars.

The mechanics of a web seminar is simple: the demonstrator shares his monitor’s desktop over the internet for the prospect. The software options to execute this are numerous and inexpensive (GoToMeeting.com is an example). Typically this capability is used by technical support representative to fix computer problems remotely or to demonstrate computing techniques; however screen-sharing also has a multitude of benefits in a product orientation/sales setting.

The easiest way to expose our competitors’ flaws is to simply call up the prospect’s existing website and critique it for shortcomings. Then a quick trip over to the Google search page will reveal how poorly visible their web site is in search results. Finally a look at one of our existing client’s dealership website and their highly visible search results should all but seal the deal.

The advantages of the web seminar over more traditional marketing methods are numerous. First the authenticity of our results and our product are unquestioned when the prospect can see it with their own eyes. Telling a prospect, “Our websites dominate their markets,” sounds boisterous and exaggerated; if they are shown the proof with no gimmickry or tricks they begin to believe in the product. Second, our web seminars leave plenty of room for question and answers as the prospect is able to speak to the presenter in real-time and clarify key points of the presentation…this interactivity is impossible using tradition web-based video presentations or printed materials. Finally and perhaps most importantly, dozens of people can participate in a single web seminar. This means that in addition to the key decision maker being in on the discussion, also the dealership’s Vice Presidents, sales managers and internet managers can also get involved in the education and demonstration of the product. The bigger the account, the more people have a say in which direction they will take; it is crucial to get as many important people at the prospective dealership as possible to support our product. xc

Of course web seminars along do not sell the product; results do! Jorn & Price has pioneered techniques that are truly revolutionary in our industry. Our websites dominate their markets for competitive and profitable search terms and our clients see huge increases in their bottom line within weeks of going with our service. The unique challenge we face is being the sole voice of truth in an industry full of charlatans. The best way we have discovered to overcome our competition’s multi-million dollar expenditures on traditional marketing (radio, print, Super Bowl commercials) is to clearly  demonstrate that Jorn & Price Automotive Marketing has the best product in the market.  Web Seminars has enabled us to succeed on the merits of our work, not on the size of our checkbook.

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