What Do You Do Each Day to Ensure that You Have the Best Home Businesses with Your Making Money Ideas, and the Best Retirement Financial Planning?

The choices you make each and every day, affect you more than you can see each day, whether it be making money ideas to make sure you have one of the best home businesses and do the best retirement financial planning, or whether you stay healthy, or even if you have an abundant support system of friends and family.

Each and every day, there are tiny choices to make, or not make, that over time, determine your wealth in all these areas.

Three stories, one about a flower, one about a couple of frogs, and one about two sons and their inheritance, demonstrate what the author says is how he can help us learn habits of thought and action to double the power of our actions each day.

Jeff Olson, author of “The Slight Edge”, is a book that I am reading right now.

Using the lessons in each chapter, I will attempt to translate them into more ideas to help us visualize how to put his lessons into action.

I encourage you to read it, too, and follow along with my five weekly posts, one for each chapter, and comment on how you might translate actions to take, too.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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