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Give Sympathy and Follow Through on the best home businesses For You
While running with the ball of one of my best home businesses that of interviewing a local merchant for more publicity for her business on my blog, she was not the most receptive, even though to be viewed in your own business environment should be good publicity.
Keep in mind she works many more hours in her business, a general store, than many work in this town of ours. 
Keeping up with her work hours is not something most home business owners that have a dual compensation plan have to do as they have the income without quite so many hours.
We were talking the subject over on the phone, she was thinking out loud about why she just was too busy to add one more thing to do.
  “I’m so busy, I have a meeting after we close at six, tomorrow I have to go to Fairbanks, and that takes away a whole day, and I still have my regular work to do,” she said.
 I listened and agreed, saying “You don’t have much time for extras, especially when you run your own business,” and it’s true!
She is a very busy lady, working nine to six, six days a week, and Sunday she is the Deacon at our church. She has multiple other volunteer and sports events she attends, also.
 Then she said she just didn’t know if she could take the time to come over and be interviewed, “You just don‘t leave your own business unattended“, she said, even though I know she has other help in place.
Well, that was my opening. It was never my intention to take her away from the store.
“I’d never take you away from your own business”, I said, “Besides, it’d be a better interview with you shown in your own business”.
I let her know that she did not have to move a muscle, that I would come over, interview her while she continued with her paperwork, and be out of her way in a few minutes.
She was delighted and agreed. I followed through on my promises, not delaying her work any more than one of her little pre-school customers who came in with her Dad to say hi while they were in the store.
She deserves a little sympathy, if not more, for all that she does.
I think I may be learning by osmosis, because I’d not yet read the chapter “What Everybody Wants” in Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” when that conversation took place.

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