Wisdom is Knowing that Making Money Ideas, Best Home Businesses, and Financial Retirement Planning Are Part of the Whole Picture


Jeff Olson does a little story about Two Brothers. I have my own story about the moral of that story.

The gift of wisdom.

Were you born with it? Not I.

Some of my school friends seemed to have had the gift from the start of their lives.

Thinking about it though, they just worked their behinds off all their lives and didn’t sweat the small stuff.

The difference between them and those who worked hard that many years and are not successful is working smart.

Mom always said, get a government job. Well, that worked for one of my friends. She worked her way into a state job and moved up the ranks until she hit a wall, a supervisor that she clashed with.

Did she quit, or change jobs, no! She hung in there several more years, biding her time until she had enough years in for retirement when she hit about fifty years old.

She still has goals yet to achieve, though, and is seeking employment in the private sector in her career field. She was a prison guard, cool, huh?

She can now choose who she works with and if she doesn’t like the environment, she has her retirement income for back up and can move to another employer if she chooses. She has good options.

Another school mate and his younger brother are multi-millionaires, although, of course, their money is their business and I would never ask how much they are worth.

Their Dad put them to work, mans work, at the ripe age of probably around nine or ten. Their Dad taught them by example how to run a business and work hard to succeed.

I have no doubt they gained much business wisdom from listening to him talk to clients and other contractors on the job. They all work construction, and a lot of what in other industries might be done in an office, took place on the job.

The difference between my school mates and I, is that I was never able to see things through. Even though my career Mom worked thirty years, even with that great example, I just couldn’t see it. Somehow that wisdom just didn’t “take” for me.

So, I’m a late bloomer and making up for lost time now. I have a group of entrepreneurs that are showing me the way, and I am paying attention and trusting them to lead me to my goals.

It’s up to me to do the hard work, the day to day tasks that they say will lead to my success, as it has led them to success, and I’m sticking to it.

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You CAN get ahead. I can help.

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