You can’t Win an Argument Even In the Best Small Businesses

The advent of widespread and instant communications in the form of email on the internet has posed another way of miscommunication with your fellow human beings.

This short series of seven articles involves email communications between two individuals.

The series started with People Skills #09 ARTICLE: How to Make People Like You Instantly, when Edith called and welcomed Diane into the community of people utilizing one of the best small business ideas to arrive on the internet in this decade.

Things are not going well for either party in this communication devoid of human personal body language and the sound of hearing the others voice tone.

Diane is still trying to communicate with Edith, but it takes two to define communication. In the previous article, Diane carefully crafted a letter designed to show both sides of this issue that she is not happy about.

October 16th
From Edith:

Hi Diane,
To answer your question about your keywords I would need to know how they rate with Market Samurai. What is the monthly search volume and what is the SEO competition and SEO value?

With respect, your keywords are YOUR responsibility, not mine. I have recommended to you the single best keyword research tool in existence, Market Samurai, and requested that you follow the MS video training to come up with your own 3 keywords using the MS principles of reasonable search volume, low competition and decent keyword value.

Any problems you have encountered so far are as a result of lack of focus and attention to detail. You overlooked emails sent to you by Troy, wasting his time on needless correspondence, you missed last week’s deadline because you overlooked the weekly instructions on this forum, you asked on last week’s webinar if you should be using Traffic Geyser when it was clearly stated on this forum in Troy’s thread of 26 September (now deleted) that your videos should be submitted by this method. You changed your blog completely to combine your business with a family history.

And now you are berating me for not responding in a timely mEdither to issues that YOU have created.
Remember, please, that a sponsor’s time and attention is a privilege, not a right. Also remember, that THIS sponsor is doing more for their team than any other in the CCPro community.

You have a good heart, Diane, and I would like to see you succeed in this business. But your success is in YOUR hands, not mine. The most important thing for any business owner is to take responsibility.

My first responsibility is to MY business so I make no apologies for putting my own marketing first. It’s like being a parent on a plane. You should always fit your own oxygen mask first!!!

Best wishes,

Edith misses the mark on this one. Carnegie says “You can’t win an argument”, “The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it”

Edith aggs Diane on in her volatile statements about Diane’s character. Not a sign of a good leader or business person.

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