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Why Write the story of your life?

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Here are some of my reasons.


My Mom was supposed to have written out the story of her life, said my brother a few years after Mom passed away. Nowhere was it to be found. She had passed away in 1997.

Just this year Mom’s younger sister happened to mention that she had a story my Mom had written. My Aunt immediately e-mailed it to me, and I could not wait to read it.

It was five single-spaced typewritten pages of the most interesting bits of Mom’s life that I never could have imagined.

I am so grateful that this bit of history was saved for our family.


Story of My Life mother_and_baby_184098 DOWNSIZED 900 X 688

It’s Friday. Again.

As the weeks go by in a flash, I wonder how many more weeks I have to get the words down on paper for my kids and grandkids.

They are so precious to me and they are so busy with their lives. I am far away, but if I was closer, I wonder if they would have much time to spend with me…

… So on I write. When the story is done, they will get to know me, even if I’m still this far away.


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