Searching for photos of my family

when I was little was a huge challenge. The earliest photo of me is when we lived on our farm in Kent, Washington in 1956. A traveling photographer came to the farm and took our photo, four littleĀ stairsteps, sitting one in front of the other, a side vew with us looking at the camera. It is one of my most treasured photos.

baby_girl_in_pink_193782 croppedWe moved to Alaska

in March of 1957 to homestead out on Chena Hot Springs Road, just across from Two Rivers Lodge. In 1960, our beautiful new house, just completed, burned clear down and right through the basement floor. Nothing but a few ashes left. Thanks to our relatives in the “lower 48”, we were sent copies of a few photos, including my favorite.

There were baby photos

of my older sister sent to us, but none of me. I would love to have at least one of me as a baby. I am making sure that my son and daughter always have their baby and growing up pictures by making multiple copies of the story of my life.

How it felt when looking for photos of myself or my siblings because of the fire is a wonderful reason to make multiple copies for my kids.


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