Short Stories from Story of My Life Installment # 01

We four finish dinner.

The waiter asks if Jack would like a refill for his Pepsi.

Jack says yes.

I indicate the opposite.

The waiter walks away from our table.

Jack’s head falls. His chin drops to his chest.

Tim Chin Down 004

I laugh.








I mention dessert to Shane and Gene. Duke’s Restaurant is famous for Hula Pie.


Jack’s head rises.Tim smiles 028

Jack turns, he looks around the room.

No waiter in sight, but Jack smiles, anticipating dessert.









These short stories

are assignments in my Writer’s Boot Camp, a six month class from which will emerge a ready to publish novel.

I am aiming for the novel becoming my autobiography.


We just started. I hope you enjoy!

April 2

Diane Neill Jensen Exercise 2

Describe a scene with no adverbs:

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