Baby Steps in Financial Life Planning Gives You the Slight Edge in Financial Retirement Planning and the Best Home Businesses Making Money Ideas are a Great Place to Start

Why are the areas studied in “The Slight Edge” so important in your life?

Making money ideas which lead to your financial retirement planning are now, more than ever, important, considering the number of us entering retirement age in 2011.

“The aging of the population and the retirement of the baby-boom generation are considered by many to be among the most transformative demographic changes ever experienced in this country,” this from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS).

If you can read between the lines, that means lots of people getting to retirement age.

The work of the Health and Retirement Study is managed through a cooperative agreement between the United States National Institute of Aging, which provides primary funding, and the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, which administers and conducts the survey.

Jeff Olson, in chapter eleven of his book includes health as the number one component for your success in addition to personal development, your relationships, and your finances, among others.

In the above mentioned study, the results indicate “a strong correlation between health and wealth”.

In married couples, healthy couples were three times as wealthy as married couples who report their health as poor. Unmarried participants were five times as wealthy.

It just stands to reason, if you trust the study, that using the tiny steps Jeff promotes in his book, that you stand a better chance of being wealthy, if you prioritize being healthy.

Jeff’s teachings give you the information and how to, to get started in your upward curve toward a better life.

My life is already improved, as mentioned in several articles this past month or three.

Get a copy of “The Slight Edge”, and start your journey, too.

You can get ahead in this life and I can help.

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  1. First and foremost, recognize that it CAN happen to you, so start setting up your contingency plan now. To do that, the two most important things you can do are to slash down your expenses and maximize your retirement investments.

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